From the recording Christmas Hope

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Christmas In the Air
©2020 Tom Hipps

Time to set the world aside
Bundle up and take a ride
See the scenery gliding by
Frosted firs and steeples high
Children sliding down the hill
Oblivious to winter’s chill
Sun on snow that makes you squint
Mocha laced with peppermint
There’s Christmas in the air

If your spirits need a lift
Hit the shops and buy a gift
Helpers decked in Santa suits
Fluffy beards and shiny boots
Jingle Bells and Ho Ho Ho
Wrap your presents add a bow
Make your list and check it twice
Receiving’s fine but giving’s nice
There’s Christmas in the air

Cast aside the gloom and doom
The Christmas season’s got no room
For heavy hearts and attitudes
Just hopefulness and gratitude
Houses glow with colored lights
Shimmering stars up in the heights
Heaven and nature how they sing
Of all the joys this season brings
There’s Christmas in the air