Radio stations that have played my songs include: 93X/Minneapolis, MN; KFAN/Minneapolis, MN; KFAI/Minneapolis, MN; KKMS/Minneapolis, MN; WAJC/St. Paul, MN; 90.1 Pioneer Radio/St. Paul, MN; KRKC/Monterey, CA; CCRR/Bakersfield, CA; KZYX/Boonville, CA; KWEB/Claremont, CA; KMUD/Redway, CA; WWUH/West Hartford, CT; KALA/Davenport, IA; KPVL/Postville, IA; KFUO/Collinsville, IL; WLCA/Godfrey, IL; FBCC/Baton Rouge, LA; KTDY/Lafayette, LA; WMFO/Boston, MA; WSMU/North Dartmouth, MA; WHSN/Bangor, ME; WBOR/Brunswick, ME; WMPG/Portland, ME; WXOU/Rochester, MI; KUMD/Duluth, MN; KCLC/Defiance, MO; KTBJ/Festus, MO; WCVF/Fredonia, NY; KBUX/Columbus, OH; WDPS/Dayton, OH; WLHS/Liberty Township, OH; KRSC/Claremore, OK; KSMF/Ashland, OR; WEXC/Sharpsville, PA; WSYC/Shippensburg, PA; WRIR/Richmond, VA; WHEM/Eau Claire, WI; WYRC/Spencer, WV; RED RADIO/Loretta, PA; 1610AM/Belleville, IL; KQAL/Winona, MN; KSMR/Winona, MN; KWNO/Winona, MN; KAGE/Winona, MN; WIPZ/Racine, WI; WMUH/Allentown, PA (shout-out to Billy Joel); WUSM/Hattiesburg, MS (and a shout-out to Brett Favre:) My songs have also been played on various radio stations in these countries: Australia, Belarus, Canada, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, the UK, Trinidad & Tobego... and as far away as Africa!”