Oh Mr. Sunshine don’t you hide your face today
I’m feeling tired and uninspired I don’t know why
I know you’re up there somewhere high above the gray
So won’t you dip below the clouds and just say hi

I want to feel your warmth and light upon my face
I want to breathe it deeply down into my soul
It doesn’t bother me the rats can have the race
I’ve stepped aside and now I’m feeling fairly whole

And there’s a cardinal sitting in the tree above
Like an unexpected visit from the Lord
His song rains down on me in sweetness and in love
And every note’s a perfect fit within the chord

Oh Mr. Sunshine thank you for your company
You seem to visit when I need you most it seems
I’m feeling better now it’s time to say goodbye
And let the moon caress me with its silvery beams
While slipping softly into undemanding dreams