From the recording Everybody & Their Brother

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Beatle-esque pop tune that carries in its bright, bouncy melody the hope that there IS someone up there that loves us, guides us, and collects every tear we shed in his bottle; That someday, in eternity, those tears will be poured out, forgotten forever, and joy & laughter will be the new standard of living.


you’re keeping track of all my sorrow
you’re writing it down in your book of life
you’re collecting my tears in a bottle
and when we meet we’ll pour them out
pour them into the river
watch them flow and fade away
fill my soul with laughter and we’ll feast upon the endless day

nobody really knows the crosses that I bear
put on my happy face pretend that they’re not there
but you will hold my heart and keep the promises you’ve made
make sure the burden isn’t more than I can take

you are the reason I don’t want to have my way
you put my feet back on the pathway when I stray
hold me still and tell me that my debts have all been paid
keep me from lying in the bed that I have made