1. Other Plans

From the recording Then Went the Demons

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At one time or another, we all dream of just getting away from it all… running away from our responsibilities to other people, from the rat race, from the busyness and stress, and just float around on a peaceful lake for the rest of our lives. But of course, we know that that is not The Plan for us. We are supposed to be involved in other peoples’ lives, messy and difficult as it is, helping and serving and loving them. But we don’t always feel like it. Dreamy, haunting, mesmerizing...


I want to live by the lake
I want to drift upon the sea
I want to sail into the sunset of my dreams
But there are other plans for me

I want my space left alone
I’d like to work out a deal
I want to crawl inside the way things used to be
But there are other plans for me
There are other plans for me

I want to keep to myself
I cannot set the people free
I want convenience and a life that’s hassle free
But there are other plans for me
God’s got some other plan for me