From the recording Everybody & Their Brother

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This trippy, groovy, Byrds-like song clings to the hope that we can change our world for the better... that it's not too late, if we act now. What with global warming, rampant poverty, neighbors not bothering to get to know each other, and the general distrust of our fellow humans, it's tempting to just give up and isolate oneself. But if we don't keep trying, tomorrow will not be something to look forward to. Perhaps the likes of John Lennon and George Harrison would have appreciated the sentiment and vibe of this one...?


is there still a little innocence
in this world or should we build a fence
separating all the good from bad
it’s one dream that all of us have had

send me one ounce of energy
shine through me like electricity
be with me in synchronicity
shock my jaded sensibilities

i don’t know
why there’s no responsibility

would you help a person in despair
or ignore her like she wasn’t there
smiling faces veil the truth inside
each one wonders what the other hides
let’s get back and give peace a chance
stabilize the planet in advance
break down walls that stand between us now
wipe away the fear and make a vow

you know it’s not too late
to save the human race
but putting off today what’s known
will surely kill tomorrow