I can hear the homestead’s call
It’s time to scale this ivory wall
It didn’t shield me like I thought it would
When I’ve conquered every mile
And I see your welcome smile
I’ll be home for good
CHORUS: To the place where I belong With the family I’ve known
All my friends that I’ve missed
And all the people that love me
Tears of joy will stain my face
When I set foot inside that place
That’s built with memories and bricks and wood
I may break but I won’t bend
‘Cause when this journey’s at its end
I’ll be home for good
And as I’m drawing near my heart is beating ever faster
You’ll come running out the door
And we will leap for joy like little lambs let out to pasture
And we will sing / We will sing
We will sing forevermore
When life gets tough or even worse a bore
I concentrate on what’s in store
My guiding angel will not let me fall or lose my way
The good life isn’t what it seems
No more chasing empty dreams
I’m going home for good