1. Evelyn

From the recording Everybody & Their Brother

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A painfully sweet vocal and acoustic guitar piece dedicated to a wonderful woman who has passed on. Alzheimer's disease, later in life, robbed her of her memories, yet for those who were close, there was a spark of recognition... and love... in her eyes that never died. Though we miss her, we are happy for her, that she's "in a warm and shiny place" now. And she lives on in our hearts.


our evelyn has left us for awhile
in a warm and shiny place she wears a smile and it’s ok
we’ll hold each other’s hands again someday

your silver hair is captured in my mind
sparkling in the sunlight through the blinds i see you now
you loved and laughed and lived
and taught us how

you’re just a breath away
we wanted you to stay but you are happy where you are
happy where you are
oh evelyn

the autumn years would prove to be unkind
and though they took the memories from your mind
they never died
I knew it when I looked into your eyes