Momma done raised me right as rain
Never tried to cause nobody no pain
Alter boy schoolboy choirboy too
Nothin’ but truth I speak at you
I’m filled with sweetness to the brim
But there’s a devil inside & you can just blame him
Falsehoods tearin’ down my good name
Never my fault but I get the blame
Cross my heart and hope to live
I get more grief than I can give
A bad boy you mistook me for
But it’s the devil inside and nothin’ more
Fat cat’s full my cupboard’s bare
If they got too much then they ought to share
Help myself to what I find
I’m sure those well-fed folks won’t mind You sing me your self-righteous song
But it’s the devil inside that done you wrong
Lawman says “You’ll come with me”
It’s not my fault man, can’t you see
My thoughts are pure, my motives clean
But someone’s getting in between
My actions might look awfully grim
But it’s the devil inside blame it all on him