1. Blue Haze

From the recording 211 Degrees

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A brooding, haunting imagining of the End of Days... the Revelation...performed in Aerosmith, Doors, or even Leonard Cohen-like fashion. A blue haze of foreboding and dread envelopes the earth, and it's time to accept our fate... whatever it may be.


There’s a blue haze draped over everything
There’s a shadow moving with the tide
There’s a blind man wondering how it got to this
And the bells in the tower are sending the news far and wide

Now the blue haze is creeping through the city walls
Feel the fear grip your heart as the demons start knocking on the door
Won’t do anyone here any good to run into the hills to hide
And it’s time for the saints to accept what they know is in store

There’s a blue haze hanging on my heavy heart
As I stop to consider the fates of my brothers unsaved
I will leave them and begin my time in paradise
But did I do all I could to prevent their descent to the grave