From the recording Then Went the Demons

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Ultra-rhythmic, Jack White-meets-Santana rocker about people who call themselves ’spiritual’ but really have no clue as to what real spirituality is; or even what they really believe in, or stand for. By looking for identity in all kinds of theologies and theories, chasing after fads and the flavor-of-the-month, they miss the point… they never discover their true selves, or their real purpose. It's disconcerting, even frightening to us... we're not sure if we can get to close to such a person. We just want them to be THEMSELVES. 


Is your vertical love in line
Or is your mindset horizontal
Do you have to tilt your head to understand?
Set your charm on radiate
Pile your goodies on my plate
But I don’t want to look below the surface
I can’t bear to look below the surface

Sending signals out to space
It’s a shame no one receives them
While those shallow minded thoughts surround your head
Take a stab at what is real
And maybe then you’ll start to feel
A kind of pulmonary twitch inside you
An illusion standing right beside you

Get the truth and never sell it
Love the truth and always tell it
It’s gaining on you now

When you’re ready to arrive I’ll be glad to come and get you
Just be sure that you’re not wasting all my time
If what’s missing is the point
Then you’re just stinking up the joint
And I don’t want to look below the surface
I’m not killing time below the surface
I can’t bear to look below the surface
Below the surface