From the recording Everybody & Their Brother

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Change can be difficult... and scary. We know deep down we need to change something, and we need a hand to help us. We sometimes need to take a leap of faith to reap the reward... but we find ourselves clinging to the ledge, afraid to let go of our current comforts and habits. A folky, rhythmic feel reminiscent of John Hiatt or perhaps Tom Petty. 


hang my head down to cry
a lawless godless man am i
and as the tears crawl down my cheeks
that still small voice behind me speaks

when your heart relies on me
i’ll give you everything you need
i wouldn’t think of ever letting you get by without me
and if you draw your strength from me
i’ll help you realize your dreams
don’t chase that rainbow just to find the pot of gold is empty

i’m afraid to let go
(pry your fingers from that ledge and fall on me)

i come to you lift the pain
an overwhelming sweet refrain
look for me in all that’s true
and peace will guard your heart from you

when you set the world aside
then you’ll know that you’ve arrived
you’ll never let the sun go down again while you are angry
and though the battle rages on
your helmet of salvation’s on
i’ve only seen part of this movie but i know the ending