We Need to Catch Up!

It's been way too long since I've posted any news. In the past year, with covid shutting down so many things, it just didn't feel like there was a whole lot to report. But there's always something going on, so here goes... 

I've had over 40 shows cancelled, and many more never booked, because of covid. I even contracted it myself. But God provided in truly amazing ways, and I survived, physically and financially. Sadly, many people didn't, and many businesses closed. But vaccines are now available, things are opening back up, and I'm optimistic this spring and summer will be busy and fun! I hope people truly appreciate, more than ever, the freedom to gather in public to drink, dine, and of course, enjoy live music. I know I will. 

This past June, I had the opportunity to compose instrumental music for a PBS TV series, A Taste of History. Four of my songs were used in various episodes. I'll admit, it was quite a thrill to be watching it and hearing my music playing in the background. The show ended up winning four Emmys! It's nice to think I played a small role:)

In December, I recorded and released my sixth album of original material, Christmas Hope. It gave me something to focus on and keep the creative juices flowing. I was like a mad scientist in my home studio, often working late into the night and fussing over every detail. I'm never completely satisfied with anything I create, but overall, I was happy with the result. Sales of the album were a big help through the Holiday Season, so to all of you who bought a download or disc: THANK YOU. 

Most recently, my songwriting partner Gordy Overing and I were made an offer by a music publisher to purchase the rights to a bunch of songs we wrote together in the 1990's. This company specializes in placing vintage music in movies, TV shows, and commercials. It's an odd feeling literally selling your songs--giving up all rights to them--but it was a very generous offer we couldn't refuse, and we signed the contract on March 18. We will also collect writer's royalties on any placements, which is great, but we can no longer use those songs in any way without their permission. Weird! (But fine:)   

Well, it's nice catching up, and I'd love it if you post something in the comments section below about what YOU'VE been up to! Also, check out the Where I'm Playing page on this site for upcoming show dates, and make plans to join me!  

God Bless!

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