Upcoming Album and Other Uncertainties :)

I've never been a prolific songwriter. I'm not cranking out a tune a day... in fact, sometimes a month will go by without any concrete creative output. Being that live performance is currently my main source of income, I focus on that first, and write/record when I can. But I do manage to produce a song here and there, and eventually they add up to an album's (or EP's) worth of material. Of course, the reality of the music business is that the traditional "album" is not the dominating music medium it once was. People now "consume" music by streaming, YouTube, downloads, etc.  So, why not just release a single every few weeks and forsake the idea of releasing a traditional album? Well, it may as simple as some of us artists being "old school"... we hate to let music traditions die. And if we wait long enough, some things come back around... for example, vinyl is making a slow but steady comeback (yay!). In a nutshell, I hope to be releasing a new album/record/collection of songs sometime this year. I've got a few pretty good songs in the can already, and when I feel I have enough quality tunes, then I'll let you know, in hopes you'll download a copy, or buy a CD... or better yet, buy an old-fashioned vinyl album--because I might just release it in that form as well!   

On another front, I've also been busy working with music libraries... those are the guys that supply movies, television, and advertising with their background music. I'm creating tracks (some are instrumentals) and shopping them around, and have signed several songs to music libraries already, and have licensed some to various companies. You can hear some of the tracks in the "Today's Top Ten Songs" feature on the Home Sweet Home page of this site. Let me know what you think!