I'm Liking This

My last day in the property management business was December 31. Meaning, of course, that my first day as a newly self-employed writer/musician was New Year's Day. What better day to begin a New Adventure! So far I am LOVING self-employment. The key is keeping busy and not letting myself get lazy or bored. So far I've booked three new venues to perform at, have been accepted as a songwriter to three music libraries (these are the companies that provide songs to movies, TV, advertising, etc.) and have gotten some good pitches... an Old Navy commercial, NCIS LA, and a couple of other network TV shows. Nothing has "popped" yet, but I'm in the ballgame, libraries are pitching my stuff, and that feels really good. Winter is a nice time of year for this, too... it's nice to sit inside and watch the snow fall. I love the scenery in wintertime... it sparks my creativity and inspires me. I'm really feeling blessed and thankful. Obviously, there's a bit of anxiety too... after all, my nest egg won't last forever. But I'm faithful and confident I'll find enough work to make a living. And if I don't, well, I made a run at it and will have no regrets.