March Already?

Wow... there is truth to that old adage, "The older you get, the faster the time goes". It really does seem like the weeks, months and years fly by. There's nothing you can do to slow it down, so what I try to do is just appreciate every moment I have on this earth, stay positive, keep finding new things to do and discover, and try not to waste time or take it for granted. That doesn't mean I don't get plenty of R&R! But I have, over the last couple of years especially, been watching far less TV (NFL football is my one addiction) and finding projects and interests to keep me busy. I'm currently working my way through an online marketing course, which is stretching my brain to its limits! I've done a lot more reading. Right now I'm working through a couple of books... "Just As I Am" by Billy Graham (what a life that guy has led, and what a hero he is to me) and "Monsters: The 1985 Bears and the Wild Heart of Football". I'm not even a Bears fan (Vikings all the way!) but it's an excellent read. And of course, I love performing music, probably more than anything. I was just looking over the calendar of dates on this site, going all the way back to 2009. What a journey it's been, and what wonderful people I've met along the way. What will 2015 and beyond bring? I look forward to finding out what God has in store for me!