Welcome 2010!

Hey everyone... I hope you had a thankful Thanksgiving, a Christ-centered Christmas, and an enjoyable New Year's Eve, however you chose to spend it (check "past dates" on the calendar page for a brief recap of our show at the Gold Nugget). Although it was a busy and somewhat stressful time, overall I really enjoyed the Season... performing Christmas music at our shows, shopping for loved ones, listening to the beautiful carols and especially being "home" at mom's in Winona surrounded by family (and dogs!). My annual Christmas Singles Party was a blast, and my "Little Brother" and I (we're in the BBBS Program) shared a really special evening at my house, having dinner and exchanging gifts. He gave me a great book about the history of the MN music scene. I haven't started it yet, but I'm looking forward to reading it. I gave him a remote controlled car, and we had a fun time playing with it in my kitchen. Now, we head into a new year, 2010. It's easy to think, "Geez, another year passed and I'm not getting any younger... what have I really accomplished..." BUT, it's better to think, "Wow, another year of possibilities lies ahead! What can I do to make this a special year?" One thing I am going to work more sincerely at is SONGWRITING. In the past year, I've come up with some really fine song ideas... I think my best ever... but most are not completed. My goal is to finish up and demo at LEAST a full album's worth of material, and then some. My plan is to record the album in my home studio first. What I don't want to do this time around is quickly breeze through the writing and recording process. That's why I'm going to record the songs at home, then spend as much time as needed listening and re-listening and fine tuning them gradually. When they're as ready as I feel they're going to be, only then will I have them professionally recorded. I'm pumped, and can't wait to (eventually) share these songs with you!