Gearing Up for Summer Shows / House Concerts

I've worked hard over the winter adding venues to my list of places to perform. Happily, my summer is booked fairly solid (53 shows booked through the end of September), though I still have some dates I'd like to fill... if you've ever thought of hosting a House Concert, talk to me! It's the new 'thing' in parties. Generally, what happens is, a number of people kick in a certain amount per person to hire a music artist to come and perform in the house, or outdoors, or whatever setting they choose (within reason:) Donations are often taken as well, to help offset the cost of hiring the performer. The artist usually will play about an hour or so, then offer CD's and other merchandise for sale, autographing the items and posing for pictures, as the guests desire. It's a really fun way for artists and music lovers to connect on a personal level. If this is something you'd like to consider, let's talk!