A New Adventure for 2016

At one time, I made my living as a full-time musician. For nearly 9 years, I toured the US and Canada, playing shows in every kind of venue imaginable. Several years ago, I decided to get off the road and try the 9 to 5 lifestyle, a "normal" way of life that at the time seemed appealing and more stable. I found work in property management, and began making a pretty good salary and started enjoying good benefits like health & dental & life insurance, paid vacation and sick time, and a retirement plan. I bought a house, have driven nice vehicles, and have enjoyed some great vacations. I still write & record, and perform on weekends, but yet, I'm feeling like I'm not doing what I'm MEANT to do. I truthfully have gotten very little fulfillment from my job (other than the relationships I've formed along the way with many wonderful people), let alone excitement. I feel like I'm "selling out" in a way by not devoting my full attention to what I really love... the music business... and working at it full-time, giving it all my energy and commitment, rather than just being a "weekend warrior". So, as the New Year dawns, I begin my new adventure... I've given my notice at my job and will re-enter the world of self-employment as a musician as of January. I will focus on songwriting & working to get songs placed in TV shows, ads, and movies (I've gotten a couple of songs signed to a high-profile music library, which is a good start); focus more on marketing my music and art; finish the book I'm working on, which I will self-publish and market; and of course, performing as much as possible. I may do some temp work or take part-time job to supplement my income, but nothing that will take too much time or focus away from my career. I'm excited and nervous and happy and anxious and unsure and confident, all at the same time. I can only have faith that God has led me to this place, is behind me (and ahead of me) and will not let me down. As a dear friend of mine said, "Even if you end up going back to work full-time, you haven't failed because you tried." Amen to that!