New Songs!

I've been busy in the recording studio... From Ordinary has just gotten the final mixes back for two newly recorded songs which will soon be available. One is a rockin' new song with a driving beat called "Do It All Over Again". The other is a re-recording of a track entitled "Your Love Won't Leave Me Alone" that I first recorded with my 90's band Unsung Heroes; another version appeared on my 2006 solo album, Then Went the Demons. More recently, From Ordinary has been playing the song in its live performances, and our new version rocks so nicely we felt a remake was in order. I believe this is the definitive version! Meanwhile, my duo partner Pat Costello has written a cool tune with an infectious groove entitled, "Just Let It Go" in which he sings the verses and I cover the choruses. It's not completely done yet, but close. Pat does some wicked guitar work on this one. It will also be available soon! And lastly, I just wrote a song the other night called "Fruit of the Spirit" that I'm kind of excited about. I laid down a basic demo on my home 4-track recorder and I'll be tweaking and shaping it in the days to come. I haven't decided if it's a Costello & Hipps song, a From Ordinary song, or a solo song... it doesn't really fit the vibe of any. It's more of a gospel number that will need a choir to make it sound right. I've got an idea of how to approach it, but that's for another day.