Merry Christmas

I hope this finds you in good spirits. Everyone I know is busy, busy, busy this time of year (including myself). I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with being busy, but the key is to find those quiet moments when you can sit still, be silent and let God's peace wash over you. My favorite place to do that is in my living room. I have a nice view out my window and I love to sit in my chair and simply stare out the window and reflect on the blessed life I've led. Don't get me wrong... I have my share of hassles, headaches, and suffering just like everyone. But in those quiet moments, looking out at creation, I find it much easier to be thankful. There's also been a pair of cardinals at the bird feeder lately. It's always a little thrill to see the stark, bright red against the pale winter landscape. I'm honored once again to be performing at Pleasant Valley Church in my hometown of Winona, MN for three services on Christmas Eve; then leading worship for the morning service on Sunday, Dec. 26. I want to wish you all a peaceful, joyful Christmas... and always remember, Jesus is the true star of the show.