1. Generous

From the recording Singles

Alliteration dominates this joyful, rootsy celebration of the Christian faith. A mandolin is joined by a single voice... then when the second verse arrives, here come the drums... BOOM... and the song never lets up as it chugs along. Christian theme notwithstanding, this ditty has the feel of a boisterous old drinking song, mugs swinging and voices happily bellering. 


Jesus Jesus generous Jesus
Lord Lord lavishing love
Father Father forever forgiving
Blessing and bounty below and above

And I know that your hand is upon me And I’ll never fall from your grace
And I’ll go where the Spirit will send me
And shout it all over the place

Give your daily bread / don’t want cake instead
For the life of me / gave yours willingly
Every day and night / teach me what is right
Give me work to do / with a smile for you
Keep me in your care / give me love to share
Show your shepherd’s heart / help me do my part
Draw my wandering feet / to your golden streets
I want paradise / earth’s not half as nice