1. From Ordinary

From the recording Singles

Sometimes we all need to be saved from "ordinary" and pushed beyond what we THINK are our limits. And when we come out on the other side, the struggle we experienced makes the outcome even sweeter.


Reaching far and wide
Passing up my former limits
Right by my side
Purifying every step i take
I never feel like i'm alone
In the darkness or the cold
My fate is sealed by the throne
My feet on streets of gold

Ooh the changes you gave me
A holiday from harm
Ooh you needed to save me
From ordinary

Looking back in time
Makes me wonder how i made it
An uphill climb
Struggle makes the outcome so much more
I'm giving more now than i take
A reinvented soul
Each needed difference that i make
Puts the pieces back to whole

i've tried to learn to live without
The demons i have beaten down
Whatever pain i'm feeling now
Is only temporary