Into the New Year...

Hope you had a nice Holiday Season. Other than our Pourhouse show on December 17, From Ordinary has been laying low. We're reconvening in January to discuss future plans, and the direction(s) we'd like to go. Holiday sales of our album, 211 Degrees, were good, and we're thankful that people are enjoying our music. We're in talks regarding performing a concert at Stillwater State Prison sometime in the near future... we feel it would be an excellent opportunity to serve and encourage those folks whose lives have gone in a not-so-good direction. Costello and Hipps are staying fairly busy... we're hoping to write and record our first "official" album this year (we've played on each others' solo CD's but have never done one of our own) and expand our list of venues. The folks at The Waterfront in La Crosse has asked us to appear an average of one weekend a month, which we are happy to do! It's a great place to eat yummy apps and enjoy live music. When the patio is open in nice weather, it's even more special. May God Bless you in 2014! Make a fresh start... let go of unnecessary baggage and go forth into the New Year with newfound faith, hope and LOVE.

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