I'm One of Those Weirdos...

...that actually loves winter! I've heard a couple of people in the last few days say they're ready for spring. I'm like, "I'm ready for another blizzard!" I think cold air is refreshing (to a certain extent)... freshly fallen snow is gorgeous... the world seems quieter. Having said all that, as December turns into January turns into February, and March rolls around, I'm as ready as anybody for warmth and budding trees and sunshine. But here's a thought: If you're feeling a bit of cabin fever, a little shopping might lift your spirits. I invite you to click on the "shop" link here on this website, where you'll find all kinds of goodies. There's my latest album, The Road So Far, a best-of collection featuring 18 hand-picked songs (three previously unreleased) that define my 20-year recording career; T-shirts with a cool drawing of me in the recording studio and the saying, "Music Happens... when a heart and mind expose the soul"; for hard rock fans there's Savior Rock, a 2-CD set featuring tracks by Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Michael Sweet of Stryper, and many other artists, including my band From Ordinary (our song opens the album); if you want to get a jump on the 2017 Holiday Season (!) there's my Christmas album; you can also pick up my earlier solo CDs and singles. Happy shopping... and Happy Winter! :) 

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