Here It Comes...

Winter in a state like Minnesota can be a slow and somewhat tough time for us working musicians. There just aren't as many opportunities to perform as there are in nice weather. Summertime lends itself to additional opportunities, like restaurant patios, marina bars, company picnics, music festivals, city celebrations, etc.  I made it ok through the winter, in fact I enjoyed the additional time off to write, record, and enjoy my cozy house, but now I'm gearing up for a very busy summer. I've already booked 14 shows in June, 16 in July and 18 in August. And I'm not done yet... there are more shows in the works. But I'm thrilled to be blessed with the work... I do not take it for granted. As always, thank you so very much, all you who support me by coming to see me play and/or purchasing music. Have a wonderful summer, and I hope to see you at some of the shows!   

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