Waiting For You

Tom Hipps
Tom Hipps


A wistful, heavily melodic piece about longing.... wanting, needing to be held and told everything is going to be ok. Piano and strings meld with heavy drums and guitar (and some thick, delicious harmonies) in a style reminiscent of Queen or Coldplay. 


When my back is broken and I feel like I am choking
I might go back to smoking ‘cause I need a crutch for coping
My morals get caught napping while my enemies are clapping
My wings keep right on flapping but I can’t get off the ground and
I am down

Waiting for you / Waiting for you
I’m lost and alone and my heart’s in pieces
Waiting for you / Waiting for you
To rest me in your tender arms…

No use in pretending that my standards are not bending
The stalling’s never-ending for the good I’ve been intending
The progress I’m erasing with the pleasures I’ve been chasing
Have only been encasing me in loneliness and shame and
I am down

My door is drafty and my enemy is crafty
And he’s working his way inside
My shaky legs can’t stand their ground I’m slipping