Mr. G

Tom Hipps
Tom Hipps/ Michael Nelson


A Toby Mac vibe pulsates through this funky and melodic tune asking God if Jesus is indeed his son... if he was actually raised from the dead and is alive today. There is definitely something intriguing about it, but no one wants to be labeled a Jesus Freak. Gotta think this one through...    


hey mr. g
is your son alive
some say he’s not
but I just think he might
but don’t call me a freak
i ain’t done nothin’ yet
but the closer that he gets to me
the more i must admit

that i’ve got no control
no say in the matter
like the heat of the sun
he pulls me in
he pulls me in

hey mr. g
i need some good advice
some say he’s marvelous
i think he’s mysterious
but please nobody’s mind is set
the closer that he gets to me
the more i might regret