(I Wanna Be) All Alone

Gordon Thomas
Gordy Overing/Tom Hipps


Hints of REM and Everclear waft from this 90's-inspired reflection on a failed relationship. This guy's in no hurry to find another gal... his ex gave him a tough time, never really seeming to take the time to understand what he's all about. He now just wants to be alone all by himself for awhile. 


It’s simple yeah it’s very simple
You and I can’t get along
So now I’m writing you a song

Listen no you never listen
Do we have to sit on Springer’s show
Before you’ll pack your things and go
Denial you’re the queen of denial

I wanna be alone (all by myself)
Yeah, I wanna be all alone

It’s over yeah this time it’s over
Take your blinders off your earplugs out
You never learned what I’m all about

I’m sorry oh I’m really sorry
Scratch my mind and wonder why
You make it hard to say goodbye
Reality here comes reality