Her Love Won't Leave Me Alone (signed to Crucial Music)

Gordon Thomas
Tom Hipps


"She's gone and left me behind" ...but to where? Is it her ghost that speaks to him in the night, or just her memory? He is with someone new now, but this past love just won't leave him be. A bouncy, fast-moving 90's-inspired rocker in the tradition of The Rembrandts or The Bodeans.


I hear a voice from deep in the night
Could it be someone that I’ve known before
Take my hand and hold it tight
I’m haunted by the ring that she wore

She slips inside my soul and squeezes me
She stands beside me when I’m alone
She calls my name at night and teases me
Oh, what can I do what can I say
Her love won’t leave me alone

So much in love but so much left unsaid
I should have known this from the start
Happy memories lying there dead
Bound together then torn apart


She’s gone and left me behind
Since then things haven’t been the same
I may be losing my mind
Wait just a minute she’s calling my name