Everybody & Their Brother

by Tom Hipps

Some tracks from my first album.
  • 04:22 Story Lyrics Tears in a Bottle

    you’re keeping track of all my sorrow
    you’re writing it down in your book of life
    you’re collecting my tears in a bottle
    and when we meet we’ll pour them out
    pour them into the river
    watch them flow and fade away
    fill my soul with laughter
    and we’ll feast upon the endless day

    nobody really knows the crosses that I bear
    put on my happy face pretend that they’re not there
    but you will hold my heart
    and keep the promises you’ve made
    make sure the burden isn’t more than I can take

    you are the reason I don’t want to have my way
    you put my feet back on the pathway when I stray
    hold me still and tell me that
    my debts have all been paid
    keep me from lying in the bed that I have made

  • 03:18 Story Lyrics No Responsibility

    is there still a little innocence
    in this world or should we build a fence
    separating all the good from bad
    it’s one dream that all of us have had
    send me one ounce of energy
    shine through me like electricity
    be with me in synchronicity
    shock my jaded sensibilities

    i don’t know
    why there’s no responsibility

    would you help a person in despair
    or ignore her like she wasn’t there
    smiling faces veil the truth inside
    each one wonders what the other hides
    let’s get back and give peace a chance
    stabilize the planet in advance
    break down walls that stand between us now
    wipe away the fear and make a vow

    you know it’s not too late
    to save the human race
    but putting off today what’s known
    will surely kill tomorrow

  • 04:45 Story Lyrics All This Trouble

    every dawn is just another chance
    for one more lonely day
    but you know that there’ll be treasure
    at this journey’s end
    ever since you were a child
    you’ve knelt down at your bed to pray
    to find the strength to keep your chin up
    as you round another bend

    as the years kept slipping by
    you felt a silent warm embrace
    reminding you of things to come
    a whispered hope to soothe your soul
    but sometimes faith and hope and love
    can disappear without a trace
    and leave you longing for someone to touch your hand
    and make you whole

    but when you gaze upon the face that you love
    you will know that it was worth it
    all along
    when you gaze upon the face that you love
    you will know that it was worth it
    all this trouble will be gone

    the time for grief and pain is past
    the mist is fading from the glass
    celebration day is drawing near

    all your doubts and fears have washed away
    a cleansing spirit’s hand
    you felt a chime ring through your bones
    as if to signal new found life
    reaching out through time to feel the sky
    the sunshine on the sand
    no need for worry or regrets
    the bridge is crossed you’ve seen the light

  • 03:26 Story Lyrics Evelyn

    our evelyn has left us for awhile
    in a warm and shiny place she wears a smile
    and that’s ok
    we’ll hold each other’s hands again someday

    your silver hair is captured in my mind
    sparkling in the sunlight through the blinds
    i see you now
    you loved and laughed and lived
    and taught us how

    you’re just a breath away
    we wanted you to stay but you are
    happy where you are
    happy where you are
    oh evelyn

    the autumn years would prove to be unkind
    and though they took the memories from your mind
    they never died
    I knew it when I looked into your eyes

  • 04:03 Story Lyrics Afraid To Let Go

    hang my head down to cry
    a lawless godless man am i
    and as the tears crawl down my cheeks
    that still small voice behind me speaks

    when your heart relies on me
    i’ll give you everything you need
    i wouldn’t think of ever
    letting you get by without me
    and if you draw your strength from me
    i’ll help you realize your dreams
    don’t chase that rainbow
    just to find the pot of gold is empty

    i’m afraid to let go
    (pry your fingers from that ledge and fall on me)

    i come to you lift the pain
    an overwhelming sweet refrain
    look for me in all that’s true
    and peace will guard your heart from you

    when you set the world aside
    then you’ll know that you’ve arrived
    you’ll never let the sun go down again
    while you are angry
    and though the battle rages on
    your helmet of salvation’s on
    i’ve only seen part of this movie but i know the ending

  • 03:21 Story Lyrics Mr. G

    hey mr. g
    is your son alive
    some say he’s not
    but I just think he might
    but don’t call me a freak
    i ain’t done nothin’ yet
    but the closer that he gets to me
    the more i must admit

    that i’ve got no control
    no say in the matter
    like the heat of the sun
    he pulls me in
    he pulls me in

    hey mr. g
    i need some good advice
    some say he’s marvelous
    i think he’s mysterious
    but please nobody’s mind is set
    the closer that he gets to me
    the more i might regret