Patriot Radio (Minneapolis)

“Tom Hipps has released a great album… a real gem.”

94.1 FM (Australia)

“Rewarding listening... Plenty of radio-friendly material which could bring Tom Hipps deserved exposure.”

The MinnyApple

“211 Degrees approaches the boiling point from a slightly different perspective… evidence of a songwriter putting some effort into his craft.”

Highlands 100.7 FM (Australia)

“A wonderful piece of music that channels its message well. Very well produced and performed.”

Radio Beiaard (Belgium)

“Our listeners had good reactions to the songs... We will put the FULL ALBUM on our playlist.”

Top-selling Christian act Go Fish

“I really enjoyed Everybody & Their Brother. A unique sound… it made me keep listening! The songs are solid.”

Northwestern Bookstores

“Tom Hipps has been a welcome addition to our stage. His message shines through not only his music, but through his smile & personality. We always look forward to his next performance.”