HIPPS: The Road So Far - CD Copy or Digital Download

This "best of" collection includes my personal favorites from my two solo albums Everybody & Their Brother and Then Went the Demons; PLUS the singles I've released over the years; AND, three previously unreleased cuts: the dreamy alternate version of "Afraid to Let Go"; the bouncy, groove-infused  "Greed Per Virtue"; and the straight-ahead rocker "From Ordinary" (which inspired the name of my band). All in all, there are 18 tracks (enough for what us old-schoolers would call a "double album") and NO FILLER! These are the songs that I feel most strongly about. Some have enjoyed radio airplay in the US and around the world, and most are ones that people have told me are their favorites, too. I sincerely feel that these songs will bless, challenge, and inspire you.

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