HIPPS: The Road So Far - CD Copy or Digital Download

This "best of" collection includes my personal favorites from my two solo albums Everybody & Their Brother and Then Went the Demons; PLUS the singles I've released over the years; AND, three previously unreleased cuts: the dreamy alternate version of "Afraid to Let Go"; the bouncy, groove-infused  "Greed Per Virtue"; and the straight-ahead rocker "From Ordinary" (which inspired the name of my band). All in all, there are 18 tracks (enough for what us old-schoolers would call a "double album") and NO FILLER! These are the songs that I feel most strongly about. Some have enjoyed radio airplay in the US and around the world, and most are ones that people have told me are their favorites, too. I sincerely feel that these songs will bless, challenge, and inspire you.

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Christmas Peace - CD Copy -or- Digital Download

This is the Christmas album I've always wanted to make... seven songs of hope, joy, and inspiration: "I Heard the Bells", whose message of hope still runs deep today; "O Holy Night", possibly the most revered Christmas song of all; ""Early on One Christmas Morn", an early-American spiritual; "(I Wanna Be A) Kid Again at Christmas", my own composition; "On a Snowy Christmas Night", one of the most peaceful and beautiful songs I know; "Silent Night", which needs no explanation; and "Auld Lang Syne" (just TRY not to think of the ending of "It's a Wonderful Life" when you listen to it!)

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Everybody & Their Brother - CD or digital download

Tom's first solo recording, released in 2002. (See "Press/Reviews" page for CD review). Contains the selections: Tears in a Bottle, Forever, Afraid to Let Go, 11th Day of May, Evelyn, Clean, No Responsibility, All This Trouble, Mr. G, Thinking of You

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Then Went the Demons - CD or digital download

Tom's second solo recording, released in 2006. The tracks "Take You Down", "Blue Haze" and "Other Plans" received radio airplay in the US and in several countries around the world. (For CD review, see the "Press/Reviews" page).

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211 Degrees by From Ordinary (featuring Tom Hipps) - CD or digital download

Tom's band FROM ORDINARY cranks out Spirit-fueled rock in this debut album. Seven great original tunes inspired by influences ranging from Third Day to The Beatles to Queen to The Police to Elton John to Aerosmith. Lyrically deep and message-oriented... sometimes through heavy guitar riffs and vocal power; at times soothing and soft-spoken; always hummable and melodic.

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White 100% cotton T-shirt with sketch of Tom Hipps in the recording studio and "MUSIC HAPPENS... when a heart and mind expose the soul" on the front; tomhipps.com on back. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

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Savior Rock CD - 2-disc set of Hard Rockin' Jesus Tunes

My band FROM ORDINARY's song "Oh! Jesus" opens this double disc featuring 29 hard rock cuts performed by current and former members of Guns N' Roses, Petra, Aerosmith, Stryper, Quiet Riot, Trixter, Foreigner and many others. A must for all hard rockin' Jesus fans!

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"(I Want To Be A) Kid Again at Christmas"

Don't we all feel that way sometimes? How fun would it be to go back and recapture the magic of Christmas during our childhood years. This sweet, memory-stirring song sums it up beautifully.

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"Early on One Christmas Morn"

I recorded this rompin' stompin' early American traditional Christmas song with my Little Brother Michael, when we were together in the Big Brothers program. Michael is now grown up and attending college in Montana, but this song is a testament to the bonding and good times that BBBS participants share.

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"Music, That Is" - digital download

Tom Hipps has once again teamed up with veteran producer Michael Nelson to create their most powerful collaboration yet. The song is a poetic tribute to music itself, beginning soft & sweet and building to a lush, gorgeous climax. This one needs to be played loud!

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"Waiting For You" - digital download

"Waiting For You" is a wistful, yet powerful ballad tinged with shades of Coldplay and Queen. One of the most honest, emotional and beautiful tunes in the Hipps catalog. 

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"Generous" - digital download

A driving, percussive, harmony-rich song of praise. This one will get you movin'! Produced by Michael Nelson.

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