The Costello & Hipps Website
Me and my good friend (and phenomenal guitarist) Pat Costello have been performing shows as a duo for over 15 years. We play original music along with popular tunes by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, U2, Sam Cooke, Elton John, James Taylor and many, many others. Always a treat to perform with Pat... we make a pretty good team!
Tom Hipps' Facebook Music Page
More pics, postings, and general nonsense.
The Costello & Hipps Facebook Page
A bit lighter than our website... here we have some fun and engage in dialogue with our friends and fans, while promoting our upcoming dates.
The From Ordinary Band Website
The website of my Spirit-fueled rock band. This is where to go for all things From Ordinary: postings, pictures, and products!
Trinity Baptist Church/Pastor Richard Hipps
I am so very proud of my brother Richard. He is pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Cordova TN, just outside of Memphis. He is dearly loved by his "flock" and for good reason. Listen to some of his sermons online and allow yourself to be challenged, inspired and enlightened.
Mago's Magic Shop, Curios and Oddities
This is my sister and her partner Matt's fabulous store. Tons of cool magic tricks, unique gift items, and crazy fun stuff. The store is located in Denver, but you can shop there 24/7 online!